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Registered Charity Number 1121315

International Dolphin Watch A non profit organisation for the observation, conservation and study of dolphins - especially their relationships with humans.

Wild Quest The Human-Dolphin Connection Our intention is always of minimal intrusion, and our dolphin swims are conducted with respect and awareness.

Enchanted Earth Ocean Foundation "We believe the future of our planet is written in the oceans, the success of our species lies within our hearts, it's time to see how intricately connected we really are!" Elise Bailey

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society An excellent UK based website which is a "must see" for those concerned about dolphin conservation.

Joan Ocean Daily interactions with the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins.

The Oceania Project A non-profit education and research organisation dedicated to raising awareness about Cetacea and the Ocean Environment in Australia. Excellent site.

JoJo and Dean This site gives the background of the incredibly close friendship of JoJo and Dean Burel. Robin Williams was seen with them in his TV film. A beautiful story

The Dolphin Project This site mirrors IDW views on dolphinswim programmes and captivity. One mans crusade.

Sally Kirby's Wild Dolphin Site Sally has constructed a site devoted to lone wild dolphins throughout the world. Beautiful photos and very informative. An excellent site.

Dolphins around the World Exactly what it says! Photos and descriptions of several species.

Cetacea Heather K Ward has built an excellent website on all 81 cetacean species

Dolphinswim Bill & Nowdla Keefe's Bimini Undersea, the team that first pioneered Wild Dolphin trips in and around Bimini offer day trips, weekend, and week long packages for their Wild Dolphin Excursions.

Tethys Institute An Italian Conservation Organisation doing great things in the Mediterranean Sea.

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch Helping to protect the Indo-pacific Humpback Dolphins, or Chinese White Dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in Hong Kong Harbour

Natural Healing Society The UK Natural Healing resource. Horace Dobbs regularly holds playshops at their exhibitions. See Presentations

Jaap's Marine Mammal Pages An excellent source of information on marine Mammals including an in depth section on Whales and Dolphins.

Water Planet Water planet offers dolphin swim programmes in the wild for special needs children (Florida USA). Exactly what it says. This is a superb site from our friends in Ireland. Almost daily bulletins on Funghie, the lone Dingle Bay dolphin. A must visit site.

Dolphinsmiles I am one of only two people in GB accredited with a diploma in Ocean Therapy. I facilitate children, teenagers and adults to create changes in their lives.

Alice in Dolphinland My enthusiasm and love for dolphins have made me a private Danish “dolphin adviser” for both children and adults. I believe that every single person, who cares about dolphins makes a difference towards a more lovely, peaceful and joyful world. Dolphin love, peace and joy. Alice

Orcalab In 1970, Dr. Paul Spong founded OrcaLab, a small land based whale research station nestled against the evergreen forest of Hanson Island in the waters of the "Inside Passage" of northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

POD The POD - People, Oceans, Dolphins - exists to promote awareness of, respect for and contact with whales, dolphins and porpoises throughout the world.

Dolphin Center - Join us in the untamed waters of the Indian Ocean, off the Mozambique coast for the experience of a life time... A swim with the wild dolphins of Ponta D’Ourro offers over 200 Science articles, weekly editorials, science news over 150 nature poems, quiz, links, games, video clips, crosswords and much more!

Shearwater boat charter Shearwater are on the Lleyn Peninsula of North Wales and visit seal and seabird colonies off the coast and are regularly accompanied by the resident Bottlenose dolphins.

The Science Lab A science directory - many interesting links.

Sea Crest Dolphin swim programme in Bimini is a support directory for parents. Although, this site contain web pages to purely children web sites such as children's games and activities, this site also contain web pages to topics such as child support and child abuse.

Horace Dobbs founder of IDW, now has his own website.

Dolphins in Blue Ocean Japanese web site by Mio Yanagase

The Positive Network promoting and encouraging earth care and people care practices. The Positive Network is a service which offers practical networking to support a more sustainable future. Share your ideas, tell others about your projects, use our FreeAway service to reduce waste and lots more.

IWDG The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group is dedicated to the conservation and better understanding of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoise in Irish Waters.

Animal Rights Malta IDW is pleased to be one of the organisations supporting CETFREE, the Cetacean Freedom Alliance, in Malta.

The Dolphins of los Gigantes This is a new web site created by The Atlantic Whale Foundation in collaboration with the small dolphin watching boats of Los Gigantes and based on our on going research into the local bottlenose dolphin community, some 28 animals. Los Gigantes is away from the mass tourism found elsewhere on the island and is an area of breathtaking natural beauty.

From a conservation perspective we are interested in developing world class educational programmes on the boats, developing eco friendly dolphin trips and also in sending tourists home with a message to Europe- that we each of us, as individuals, have to take on the responsibility of protecting our planet. We intend to make Los Gigantes a European centre of excellence in promoting environmental awareness.

BDMLR British Divers Marine Life Rescue

Friends of the Ocean is a global alliance of environmental, science, educational and media organisations with the single common goal of reaching the world masses with accurate and honest, no-hype information concerning the state of the oceans and its' marine inhabitants. Swimming With Dolphins Lifts Depression: Study. Whale-Watching-Web Dedicated to Education, Inspiration and Action Marine mammal research and conservation society

The Dolphin House Bimini Bahamas

Dolphin Quest Adventures is a Charter Adventure business dedicated to exploring beautiful island regions throughout the Caribbean and the Central & South Americas. We'll get you to some of the most senic islands safely and with all the conveniences otherwise only available from a shore based operation.




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